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Vigil: The Prodigal Son Book 1.5

There's a dragon in the church.

After modern-day paladin Peter Bishop and his friend Michael defeated the dragon over the skies of Athens, Georgia, it fled to Europe – with Peter's girlfriend Faith in tow. Well, she's a girl. And she's his friend. And her stunning beauty doesn't hurt.

Now Peter and his friends have tracked the dragon to France, where it's living under a church and terrorizing the village. Can they slay the dragon, save the village, and rescue the girl before dawn?

Or will a wayward priest destroy everything they've fought for?

Jim Butcher's Michael Carpenter meets the Highlander in this modern dragon-slaying adventure!

Recommended reading order:

  • War Demons - The Prodigal Son, book 1
  • Vigil
  • Spirit Cooking - The Prodigal Son, book 2 (Coming in 2018!)
  • Who's Afraid of the Dark? - The Tales of Peter Bishop 1
  • Knight of the Changeling - The Tales of Peter Bishop 2

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