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Night’s Black Agents: Paxton Locke Book 2

From Dragon Award nominee Daniel Humphreys

Paxton Locke saved the day, killed the witch, and got the girl... after a fashion.

Recovering from his battle with the witch, Paxton and his new partner--don't call her a sidekick--Cassie are headed to Phoenix. A spate of mysterious, ritualistic murders has the police baffled. Who better to find the perp than someone who can speak to the dead?

While Paxton hunts a killer, far deadlier creatures stalk him. In the Valley of the Sun, a mystical cold war is about to go nuclear.

Harry Dresden's sorcery goes on a Supernatural-style road trip. Cool car sold separately.

The Paxton Locke Series

  1. Fade - ASIN B07D2XZ25Y
  2. Night's Black Agents
  3. Come, Seeling Night - Coming in 2019!

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