Henbit and Clovers - Lyonesse

The sun was shining for the first time in weeks, and it was mid-morning on a Thursday. James knew it was a Thursday because he still meticulously counted the days as they passed in his calendar, even though many didn’t seem to care anymore. James still cared, even if it had little real world meaning any longer. It had finally stopped storming and finally gotten warm...spring was here and he was determined to enjoy it.

In his old life, he would have been locked up in a school room at this time of day, only able to look out the window. Now he could go wherever he wanted and do whatever he wanted, instead of sitting at the tiny desk and waiting for three o’clock to come.

The boy stood at the edge of the forest, peeking out from around the trunk of a large pine tree. The street in front of him, the back road of a big neighborhood, seemed empty. If he squinted his eyes he could even pretend to see what it used to look like. Without the broken windows, open doors, abandoned cars, or slightly overgrown flower beds. It was a nice sort of pretend, anyway. He had once run through a neighborhood kind of like this one with his friends, playing tag and superheroes and dinosaurs.

But now those friends were gone, and he wasn’t allowed to run about freely anymore.

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