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Fade: Paxton Locke Book 1

From Dragon Award nominee Daniel Humphreys

Son of a Witch
Family drama is bad enough without adding magic and human sacrifice. Ten years ago, Paxton Locke’s mother killed his father in a mysterious ritual that – thankfully – went incomplete. Now, Paxton makes his living as a roving paranormal investigator, banishing spirits while Mother languishes in jail.

When a terrified ghost warns him of a dangerous, newly-freed entity, Paxton faces a fight far beyond simple exorcism. In a battle for his very soul, will he be able to endure – or simply fade away?

Harry Dresden's sorcery goes on a Supernatural-style road trip. Cool car sold separately.

The Paxton Locke Series

  1. Fade
  2. Night's Black Agents - ASIN B07F3FV6JH
  3. Come, Seeling Night - Coming in 2019!

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