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We Bury Our Own

“Brother Micah has fallen. And it’s your fault.”

Preceptor Adam jabbed his finger into Gabriel’s chest. Gabriel fought the urge to snap it. He was a mere sergeant, and the preceptor was as human as he was. No man of the Order may raise his hand against another human, not for something as trivial as this.

And, more importantly, Adam was right.

“I accept responsibility,” Gabriel said. “I shouldn’t have signed off on his solo patrols.”

“We have the two man rule for a reason, Sergeant Gabriel. We are men, not angels. None of us are above the rule. Not even for someone like Micah.” He snorted. “Especially for someone like Micah.”

Again, the preceptor was right. Among the men he had served with, Micah was the best. He could go alone into the mists, become one with it, and return unscathed. He boasted often of his exploits, and took pride in them.

And pride was the first sin, the cardinal vice that led to the Deluge and the Second Fall of Man.

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The Dreaming Wounds

It was a game when we were children. “Your Grandmother has the Third Eye,” Mum used to confide, when we young enough to believe that all her words were gospel. “She can see ghosts.”

“Everywhere?” my brother would always ask, already sceptical. He would grow up to become a scientist, to my Chinese parents’ veiled disappointment, a doctor in qualification only.

“Sometimes people leave the world with unfinished business,” Mum would reply, pitching her voice low, pretending to look left and right. We would shiver in delighted horror.

“I don’t have the Third Eye,” I would murmur, forever made resentful at having been born normal. Thanks to our childhood fascination with ghost stories, I spent nearly a decade of my life pathologically afraid of sleeping against a window with my neck exposed, after our oldest cousin told us a ‘true story’ about a cursed strangler’s hand that crept through open windows to murder the unsuspecting.

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