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Down the Dragon Hole by Morgon Newquist

The Firebird's Tale

by Anya Ow

The Firebird's Tale begins with the end of a familiar story: a Prince who never smiled, and by Imperial decree, has to marry the one who managed to make him do so.

Except that it was all an accident, and the Prince would say he didn't actually smile at the thief who dared to rob a Tsar, and the thief was not even a woman—or, as it turns out, even human.

One of the first things I ever drew was a five-legged dog: I’ve been adding more randomness to life since the 80s. I practiced as a lawyer for a few years before switching to advertising (it’s better for the soul). Now designing, doodling and writing on the side in between work. Born in Singapore. Based in Melbourne. Culturally food obsessed.

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Lyonesse Stories by Anya Ow

March 2017: - The Dreaming Wounds