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The Cinder Witch

Alis was snippy, grumpy and cold. And while the first two things on that list may have been more common than she would readily admit to, the third was not. She hated the cold. Maybe it just reminded her of all the nights when she was a child when there was no fire to keep them warm. There was a reason she had staked a claim to one of the desks near a fireplace in the library. That spot was her spot and everyone knew it. Alis wasn’t shy about being an unrepentant harasser to ensure that the desk was always hers. She had mastered the art of awkwardly hovering in order to get other researchers to leave, but she also wasn’t above just demanding the seat either.

Thankfully her status gained from saving the university from a dragon had assured her a permanent fire-side spot. She no longer needed to fight the other students for it. It was the closest to her own office she was going to get, being south of thirty in an environment run by rank obsessed old people.

But at this moment the joke was on her, as that same renown now had her traipsing through the forest. She shivered, colder now than she ever would have been at home, even at a less ideal desk in the dead of winter.

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Four Funerals and a Wedding

Cassandra leaned against the shovel and wiped her brow as a flock of geese flew across the face of the moon. Beside her, Archie dug steadily, unearthing the grave dirt above his fiancée’s coffin.

“You know,” the young woman picked up her shovel again, “this was not where I had expected this to end.”

“Let’s just hope it doesn’t end here,” he grunted back. “Or worse, with us both in jail.

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