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The Best Short Stories

We've culled through piles of submissions to find only the best new science fiction and fantasy stories. In addition, we've given you access to our extensive back catalog!

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Lyonesse helps you support your favorite authors instead of a nameless, faceless big corporation. Over 70% of your subscription fees goes straight to the authors!

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Unlike the big publishers, we trust you. It's that simple. That's why Lyonesse delivers every one of your stories in the convenient, DRM free format of your choice.

Some of Our Top Authors

Cheah Kai Wai

Hugo Award

L. Jagi Lamplighter

Author of the
Books of Unexpected Enlightenment

Declan Finn

Dragon Award

Brian NiemeierDragon Award Winner &
Campbell Award Nominee

A significant force for good in the new SFF publishing landscape.

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Lyonesse isn't a magazine. Your stories won't be full of ads, or stuffed in between editorials you don't want to read. You just get good, fun, science fiction and fantasy tales. And you'll get an entire year's worth for what you'd pay for a single issue of most magazines. And at only $6.99 a year, it's the best bang for your entertainment buck out there.